set in a dystopian future, you'll play as a souleater, a person possessing special abilties and capable of entering thespiritual dimension. 
a next-gen mobile mmo set in the exciting land of mu. walk through dark forests, ride across desert sands, and fly above frozen mountains as you become immersed in this beautiful world. 
a turn-based mobile rpg adapted from the popular anime one punch man. fight alongside saitama as you recruit various heroes and villains from the show to take on powerful foes.
 a next-gen mobile fantasy game bringing the magical world of mu back to life. choose your class and upgrade your character to take on more powerful foes. 
the popular arcade fighting game now with a new mobile look. use all the classic fighters as you use precise timing and skills to execute the perfect combos on your opponents. 
a fantasy rpg in a world of chaos, where strategy is key to power. summon legendary heroes, assemble massive armies of mythical creatures, and utilize magic to prevail in battle. 
officially authorized by webzen, ourpalm developed an mobile mmorpg with the unity3d engine, bringing the world of mu to the mobile gaming world. 
as a lord commander of your faction, you’ll need to use your wisdom and prowess to establish a stalwart foothold in the world of ascalon. 
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